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Sock Bnuuy

Welcome to my website uwu :3

I'm still here, haven't abandoned this place because i love it so much and also i just want this personal space of mine to become something beautiful.
To check the rest of the website use the menu that's either on the left or above of this website, depending if you're on desktop or mobile.

This website has technically been existing for more than a year, but it had many changes until it settled into what it is now.
Also there's now a dark theme that is enabled and disabled depending if your browser and/or operating system is under that mode of operation. There still some parts of it that could be better, for example some additional accessibility tweaks.

Bnuuy :3

So, you'll wonder what you're doing here.

Maybe it's because you clicked on the links of my YouTube page, or searched for this page on a web crawler, or maybe found this place directly in Neocities while being bored browsing what to do.

I already finished the pages i was originally set to finish a year ago so now I'm pretty much doing additional stuff like RSS and more journal posts.
I hope that you like this site, I've worked a lot in this place for more than a year.

Site Updates.

  • 06/04/2024 - Revamped the Song Directories page
  • 04/04/2024 - Moved to Nekoweb :3
  • 15/03/2024 - Remembered about this website x . x. Also a new songie :3 on the Renoise category (i should reorganize the whole music section tbh)
  • 26/01/2024 - I started working on a new extended play since November of last year, and I've released a song of it as a sneak peek in the Renoise songs page.
  • 26/01/2024 - Yet another song of mine on the Furnace songs page.
  • 15/01/2024 - Released a song of mine featured in ChipT4T on the Furnace songs page.
  • 12/01/2024 - Released another small song on the Renoise category of my music page.
  • 07/01/2024 - Released a small song i made today on the Renoise category of my music page.
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