Projects and other stuff I've been working on i guess :'3

So yeah, i guess a lot of people in the Indie Web scene ususally have a section where they list the projects they make and all, but the problem is that i haven't formed a proper project on my life.
My music making is mostly just me doing what i feel like instead of them having a proper trajectory, like sure i posted some of them on some music competitions but for the most part i haven't done anything about that yet.

That is about to change however, as since a few weeks ago i'm part of a new musical collective called Automaphonica

Logo of Automaphonica
Logo of Automaphonica, designed by papayamcfruity

This is a collective that has been taking shape recently led by some really nice friends of mine that are also part of the Digital Fusion musical movement. We will release our first album the next year among with other exciting things coming through :3.
More info is featured on the collective's respective website

I used to be part of a fangame called Super Mario 127 a while back, but I couldn't do much about it and I recently quit the dev team on my own for personal reasons.
I can still talk about it a bit though since i think that it's a really good fangame and i want it to prosper.

Screenshot of Super Mario 127
Image from the latest publicly released version Demo 0.7.2 of the fangame called Super Mario 127. The upcoming release will have an entirely overhauled graphic design along with other stuff..

For those who haven't heard of it that game's kind of like an unnoficial sequel to the beloved Super Mario 63 fangame by Runow, a really amazing demo has been released a while back. The game's now under a code rewrite but i hope that the next demo will be really good as well

As for my personal projects, i guess life itself kind of counts even if it's not as structured like how it would like it to be. Like, there are many stuff i worked on and had to fight for just to live my own life, even my music journey itself could be considered a big project on it's own even if it doesn't have much of a clear objective yet other than to express myself

I did release one solo project that isn't my music stuff, which is a theme for the Revolt messaging app that tries to emulate the look and feel of earlier versions of MSN Messenger circa 2005 as a result of me learning some CSS over the years

Screenshot of the MSN Messenger-inspired Revolt theme I've been working on
Screenshot of the MSN Messenger-inspired Revolt theme I've been working on

You can download the theme here

I want to make my own videogames someday but i just cannot comprehend programming stuff at all, and i also would like to learn to draw but i fail at drawing even a perfect circle. I can eventually learn how to overcome these i guess, but life hard ;_;.
I guess that one day i will eventually make a proper of my own some day. Or maybe i already have one, like making this very own website lol.