Stuff i got the code from (and modified it)

  • Hill House
    • The desktop layout of my website is basically really inspired by the one used in this site, at least how it used to be when i started working on my site's current iteration
  • Logrocket's Responsive Mobile Menu tutorial
    • The mobile layout of my site is basically the code of what was provided there with some modifications.
  • Wimpy Player
    • This is the HTML5 player I've used for my site for video and audio playback. It's really amazing and it also doesn't look flat which is a total plus.
  • W3Schools
    • I've used a lot of examples of this site to create my own stuff in general.
  • The many people from 32-bit Cafe
    • It's been a long time i joined the community and started working again on my site that i forgot most of the people who helped me, but still thank you so much for helping make my site a reality :3.


  • Bonnibel's Graphic Collection
    • This place has been basically the source of a lot of the graphics I've used for the site.
  • Betty's Graphics
    • Ditto.
  • Mab's Land
    • It's where the censorship panda you saw at the beginning of this website comes from.
  • my buttons world
    • A lot of the 88x31 buttons used in the site came directly from here.
  • Rustacean
    • I used one of the symbols of the Rust programming language as i described how i would like to learn programming on one of my journals.

    About the other graphics and where i got them..... i forgor x . x