Commission Info

I sometimes do music commissions. They can be both original works and/or
covers of pre-existing songs.


Original songs
- $75 USD for the first minute then $50 per additional minute(s).
Covers and Remixes
- $50 USD for the first minute then $35 per additional minute(s).

Commission are Open
(1/2 slots originals, 0/2 slots covers and remixes)

Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 19/04/2024

  1. The Payment is Upfront and on Paypal ONLY
  2. The commission can be negotiated through email (, DMs through my fediverse accounts ( or or via my Discord, Revolt, Matrix, etc accounts
    (ask for these while contacting me via other means if needed)
  3. I have the right to refuse a commission due to any reason I see fit. It can range from real life circumstances to other problems.
  4. I will refuse to work on and/or relinquish the permission to use my commissioned work if:
    • You claim the work as your own instead of properly crediting me.
    • You use them for genAI, NFT and blockchain related purposes.
    • You use them as a way to promote and/or endorse discrimination, hatred, genocide, etc of a marginalized community.
  5. I will usually release the commissioned work to my YouTube channel and other of my social media platforms like my Cohost page for example.
    You can also specify if you don't want me to publicly publish the commission for any particular reason.
  6. Commissioned works by default are released under a noncommercial license, meaning that you cannot use them for commercial projects unless explicitly agreed so via contact.
    • If you wish to use a commissioned musical work commercially, please tell me before I start working on it.
    • Please take note that there may be additional royalties for a commercial license.
  7. Applies to original song commissions only: the intellectual property and copyright terms of the songs produced in that category of commission fall under those described in the Song Use page
  8. If for any reason I'm not able to deliver on the commission in a period of 60 days, you will receive a full refund