Links to some of the places i'm present uwu :3

Two sleeping bunnies, one of them laying above the other one
Two sleeping bunnies, one of them laying above the other one.

btw i don't have a twitter since a year lol

    • Basically a page that list my pronouns, some stuff about myself, how i want to be referred, a list of nicknames, etc. It's a really nice neat website.
  • YouTube
    • Basically where i upload my music to most of the public. I hate it there but it's also the only semi-sustainable platform i know of at the moment, and i hate it since it's completely broken in many other ways. If only there was an actual alternative to YouTube....
  • (Fediverse)
    • I switched instances once again x3. This one seems to be better managed and also has a ton more storage per user (9.8 GB instead of only 1GB :3) which means that i can dump a lot more content there.
  • Bluesky
    • So far this is functionally a Twitter clone with less features, like you cannot even upload media files other than static images on there at all. Also the small character limit is back and i hate it. But at least the communities I've vibed with on that place are good, a lot better than my experience i had on Twtitter before i nuked my account there.
  • Cohost
    • Another of the alternative social media, this one being more traditional i think. I should spend more time in here x . x, since i actually kinda like it too. It's just that i spent too much time in fedi that i forget about my Ccohost account to the point that it's kinda dead sometimes.
  • Furaffinity
    • @w@. btw i can't draw shit lol, i just have a Furaffinity account to see the lewds lol, and i uploaded 2 or 3 of my musical works a long time ago. I should be more active there
  • Bandcamp
    • Every once in a while, i actually release my music commercially. Still, i tend to release my works as MP3s on this website for free. It's just that i still got to earn some money to live in this capitalistic hellhole of a world x . x. I should defintiively do commission work next tbh.
Giant Rabbit
Giant Rabbit