Awesome Places I Would Recommend

These are some really nice websites, other communities along with stuff i find really love in general. When it comes to the communities i recommend it's because i really think they have been integral to myself in some way along with having a really amazing feel and nice people around.

Indie Web Related

  • 32-bit Cafe
    • It's one of the communities i'm active on at the moment. It's dedicated to the independent web and old web revival and it's very existence it's one of the big factors why i'm still working on this site as of today. To all the people in that place: You are awewsome, keep it up :)
  • Neocities
    • It's the very thing this site runs on. I'm really grateful that i could host this site for free in it's first moments, and i'm really glad for it's role in promoting the creation of the indie web movement in general. Some of the sities hosted in this platform are really impressive and i wish i could achieve some of the stuff they do.
  • Marigold Town
    • It's another indie web-oriented web hosting platform, led by one of the same people that is part of the 32-Bit Cafe. If for some example you think that Neocites not supporting PHP is a dealbreaker in there, well Marigold Town does support that so there you go. But the most important part is how it presents the websites hosted there as if it were part of a fictional town, with names of places and the like. Really interesting take on the concept of web hosting i think.
  • Solaria's Website
    • This is one of the most beautiful pages I've ever seen. It's also one of the ones that really put a lot of work into accessibility in general, the guy who made this really knows about this stuff and he really helped me when it came to improving that aspect in my site, so thank you. This site also contains some guides related to that along with other kinds of HTML, CSS and Javascript tutorials he made that are super helpful.
  • Reala's WIP Website
    • Even though this site claims that it's a work in progress, it already has significantly a lot more stuff than mine will ever have. It's a really amazing and beautiful looking site, and it also has some really nice themes on it (i imagine how hard that was to implement for the webmaster x . x). Also the girl who hosts this site also does some really amazing and cute drawings i really love,
  • Tyoma Zone
    • This webiste looks more oldskool than the others, like actually using iframes and the like along with having a more authentic late 90s vibe i really like. God there's so much variety in the indie web that is just not there in other kinds of websites. Also this fella does some seriously impressive drawings, although some of them are a bit risque o/////o
  • The Museum of Alexandra
    • This site is made by one of the staff members of 32-bit Cafe, she has been really kind to many people including me and also knows her shit in general especially when it comes to indie and old web. Despite the name, it's not really a museum and more like a personal page of hers. It's still really nice and cool in general, and it has some really cute looks.
  • Hill House
    • This website is the direct inspiration of the layout i ended up choosing. It's also one of the more impressive sites I've seen graphic-design wise, like it looks so gorgerous. It isn't mobile compatible though so you only can really run that website on desktop.
  • Ladies of The Link
    • This is a really nice webring if you're a woman of any kind and would like to be with a group of girls around the indie web, i think this is one of the ways to do it :3 (Also this is a trans supportive webring, so please if happen to be transphobic then what are you doing here anyway? I'm a trans woman x3)

This is among the many ones i really love in general, and the list would be really large if i included all of them x . x. Moving on we now have....

Music Commuities, Stuff and etc

  • Battle of The Bits
    • This is a community that has existed since 2005, when i was like fucking 4 years old lmao. It since went through many changes and iterations. The current version of this website is really nice and charming, along with being quite unique. It fosters healthy competition between musicians (and other kinds of people) through "battles", which can be either the many months long majors or the significantly shorter X-Hour Battles (XHBs). You can decide to participate this site like how you like, maybe you just wanna post music or maybe you actually wanna compete for real. It's up to you. (link removed due to traffic issues as bots from neocities came to this website and caused issues x . x)
  • Digital Fusion website
    • This is a website dedicated to the genre that's actually not really a genre i'm part of, among many others. I'm not sure how to explain it really, since nobody seems to agree what Digifu really is as the concept was made to be intentionally vast as far as i know. At least the communities I've been on associated with it (Maj7 is one example) have been really nice and chill.
  • OpenMPT
    • Open Modplug Tracker is a music tracker that's really good. It supports a wide range of formats while also having some tricks upon it's own sleeve. The main downside is that it commits the sin of being a Windows-only FOSS program in 2023, but at least running it on WINE has been really amazing. Also sorry if i'm cheating and providing links to programs instead of communities lol.
  • Renoise
    • This is among the other trackers i use, and this one costs money x . x. But it's more of an actual DAW inside of a tracker if you felt like OpenMPT was too limiting and if you also didn't really like the Windows interface. This program thankfully has official Mac and Linux builds, the later which i really appreciate as a Linux user.
  • Furnace (chiptune tracker)
    • Multichip tracker with like 100 differnet systems, ability to pair different chips, flexible interface you can customize, and so much more. It's also FOSS unlike Deflemask.

Miscelanious Stuff

  • W3Schools
    • I pretty much learned a lot of the stuff i applied to this site from there, so i'm really grateful this site exists in general. It has been valuable for myself and so many others in general. It helped me learn HTML, CSS and Javascript concepts i would otherwise have difficulty understanding or had trouble finding somewhere else.
  • MDN Web Docs
    • This place is also where i learned a lot of the specifications and quirks of the stuff i used to write this site, so i'm really happy it exists. Please check it out along with W3Schools if you want to start to make your own website, along with asking other people for help
  • Fediverse
    • It's the only kind of social media i kind of vibe with, along with having meet some really wonderful people with. Basically it's a bunch of small instances interconnected and communicating with each other through the ActivityPub protocol instead of a gigantic monolith like most traditional social media. Most people would just put a link to join to Mastodon or something, but i recommend you to find a instance along with the software you really love and find yourself most comfortable as i think fediverse is most enjoyable with some discovery.