Information about myself :3

My own fursona (anthropomorphic drawn depiction of myself)
My own fursona (anthropomorphic drawn depiction of myself).

Profile picture made by Mifika (also known as Kigurumiii)

  • Names
    • IRL: Valeria Nairi
    • Username: SnugglyBun
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Pronouns: she/it/buns
  • From Argentina. Speaks both Spanish and English, wants to learn a third language.
  • Musician for four years, also interested in web design. Also kind of a mess
  • Therian/Otherkin ΘΔ
  • irl bunny @w@

Miscelanious information

So emmm, that list already kind of tells a brief description about myself. But maybe i could keep going. So, I just wanna say thanks to the 32-bit Cafe Community for helping me redesign this website and giving it a much needed facelift, some parts of it look way better now :3.

Anyway, Like i said, I make music although would like to learn other things like coding and drawing as well. I've been doing it for 4 years by now and i feel like i'm getting a lot more proficient lately this year.
There's still many things i want to learn about web design and development but it becomes really overwhelming sometimes, at least i can take one or two steps at a time.
It is still a really fun hobby and I'm really proud to be part of the indie web in some way.

I happen to be in a very complicated irl situation for a really long while, but i hope that i can get through it and eventually live in peace. I just want to be free and happy.

btw here's some 88x31 buttons stuff ripped from that says a bit more about myself