My Musical Works :3

Most people that have heard my name are aware that i make music stuff by now. But if you aren't, well you know now. It's the only thing i'm actually good at, and it took more more than 3 years to get where i am nowadays.
There's always going to be people way better than me, but that's just life, and i should celebrate what I've done on my own instead of comparing myself to others which is what i really struggle with x . x.

Musical Notes

I'm a weirdo who still use trackers in 2023, although to my credit i did try to learn piano roll software. It's really hard though. My brain fucking stops working when i see a piano roll. But anyway, if you're not aware what a tracker is, there's a definition of it in Wikipedia that explains the subject very well. Also here's one of them in action, showcasing a part of one of the songs I've made:

Moving Shadow logo but it's painted using the colors of the trans flag

I can't really claim to be the only trans girl in her 20s who listens to jungle/dnb and related that is more than Sewerslvt. In fact there are many of the likes of me, i'm actually friends with one of them.
But anyway, my brain just loves when the breakbeats go in wild places or something like that, although i also really like other genres like video game music, jazz, 70s and early 80s pop, etc.

My songs (and also covers of other people's songs) are listed on the "song directory" page that's selectable on the menu. They happen to be divided by the software i used to make them.
I also upload them on my YouTube channel, which is listed on "My Other Places".