Song Use Terms

Please be aware that this page only applies to my original work. They do not apply to covers of songs from others intellectual propiety of any kind of collabs done with other people. Unless otherwise specified, these fall under the licenses and copyright of their own respective owners

Last updated: 19/04/2024

For personal use

Unless stated otherwise, I cannot respond to questions of guidelines when it comes to usage of my work in this way. I'm not responsible for any potential issues caused with how my music is used if it's under personal use

Use in streams, videos and the like (YouTube, Twitch, Tiktok, Vimeo)

You're free to use my songs in noncommercial and educational purposes, otherwise please contact me if you want to use them for commercial purposes.
There are additional terms when it comes to using my songs for videos and streams:

  • Do not claim my music as your own.
  • Do not use my works in a way that's associated with stuff like the block-chain, NFTs and AI art.
  • Do not use my works nor associate them with promoting hatred, genocide, discrimination, etc of LGBT+/queer people, BIPOC, people with disabilities, neurodivergent people, etc.
  • Please credit the artist (myself in this case) and the song(s) used in these instances.

Use in applications such as games and web services

It depends on the following cases:

  • If it happens to be used in a context of mods and other in-game content of already existing games:
    • The terms of "Use in streams, videos and the like" apply.
  • If it happens to be planned to be used as official content for a new intellectual property altogether:

Remixes, covers, and other fan works

You can publish remixes, covers and other fan works based of my work under the following conditions:

  • It meets the requirements for "Use in streams, videos and the like".
  • If you publish on Bandcamp and other music selling websites, set the price to "$0 (Name Your Price)"
    (you can also contact me if you want to negotiate a commercial release)